Venezia fc
Motion Design and Compositing for Venzia FC TikTok Channel.
Venezia FC

Motion Design

Gaining views, new Followers and high interactions on the TikTok channel was the main challenge. Thanks to my amazing and talented friend Alix Spence, who was the main producer on the project, we found a young and very genZ way to create different videos.


Transforming photos into dynamic, Gen Z-style TikTok videos

Utilizing captivating photos from the talented photographer @Emma and director Ted Philipakos leveraging the creative prowess of Bureau Borsche for design, our challenge was to pioneer innovative animation techniques for TikTok, ensuring each video is dynamically cut to captivate viewers' attention with every watch


Lots of views and engagement

The result of the product was the high traffic on the Venezia FC TikTok channel. People fell in love with this unique style we created.


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