Monique-Nadine Pfneiszl
is an Austrian
Motion Designer and
based in Berlin.

Hi, my name is Monique-Nadine Pfneiszl. 
I’m a motion designer based in Berlin.

The focus of my work lies in motion design specially online,
character design, animation and illustration.
In my personal work I incorporate modern trends from
motion design to cultural aspects such as diversity.

I put a lot of emphasis on creating gender-neutral characters
and designing them in a particularly young and cool way. 

I’m currently a Motion Designer at Jung von Matt/Spree. 
Some clients I’ve worked with include, Mini, Adidas, Sixt,
Haribo, Ebay, Spotify and Tiktok.

I am a clishe vegan, yogi and of corse I love riding my vintage racing bike.

Would love to get to know you so let's get in touch!